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SWAT2013US-BerkeleyPD-1rstPlace  1st Place - Berkeley Police Department



SWAT2013US-ACSO-2ndPlace  2nd Place - Alameda County Sheriff's Office



SWAT2013US-SFPD-3rdPlace   3rd Place - San Francisco Police Department




EOD2013US-Sacramento-1stPlace   1st Place - Sacramento Area EOD Unit



EOD2013US-WalnutCreekPD-2ndPlace   2nd Place - Walnut Creek Police Department Bomb Squad



EOD2013US-SantaClara-3rdPlace   3rd Place - Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad




HAZMAT2013US-Idaho-1stPlace   1st Place - Idaho Regional Hazmat Response Team



HAZMAT2013US-CCCDT1-2ndPlace   2nd Place - Contra Costa County Health Services Department Team 1



HAZMAT2013US-CCCDT2-3rdPlace   3rd Place - Contra Costa County Health Services Department Team 2




USAR2013US-St.PaulMinnesotaFire-1stPlace   1st Place - St. Paul Minnesota Fire Department



USAR2013US-MarinFire-2ndPlace   2nd Place - Marin County Fire Department



USAR2013US-ALCO-3rdPlace   3rd Place - Alameda County Fire Department



Top Water Rescue

WATER2013US-SFFD-1stPlace   1st Place - San Francisco Fire Department



WATER2013US-ALCO-2ndPlace   2nd Place - Alameda County Fire Department



WATER2013US-AlamedaCityFire-3rddPlace   3rd Place - Alameda City Fire Department



Participating Teams 2013

FIRE Agencies

Alameda City Fire Department
Alameda County Fire Department
Belmont Fire Department
Central County Fire Department (San Mateo)
Contra Costa County Fire Protection District
Contra Costa County Health Services Department
Idaho Regional Response Team
Livermore / Pleasanton Fire Department
Marin County Fire Department
Menlo Park/Woodside Fire Department
Monterey Fire Department
Napa Interagency Rescue Team Includes- American Canyon, City of Napa and Napa County
North County Fire Department (Monterey)
Oakland Fire Department
Richmond Fire Department
Roseville Fire Department
San Francisco Fire Department
San Jose Fire Department
San Ramon Valley Fire Department
Santa Clara City Fire Department
Santa Clara County Fire Department
South San Francisco Fire Department
St. Paul Minnesota Regional
Stockton Fire Department
Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety

EOD Agencies

Monterey County Sheriff’s Office
Riverside County Sheriff’s Office
Sacramento Area EOD
Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office
UC Berkeley Police Department
United States Air force (Travis Air force)
Walnut Creek Police Department


Alameda County Sheriff's Office
Alameda Police Department
Berkeley Police Department
Boston Police Department
Brazil, STE CORE
CA Dept. of Corrections
Central County Martinez/San Ramon/ Walnut Creek PD
Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office
Dallas Police Department
Daly City SWAT
East Bay Regional Parks Police Department
East County Tactical Team (Livermore-Pleasanton PD)
Fremont Police Department
Hayward Police Department
Marin County Sheriff’s Office
Marine Corps Recruit Depot
Modesto Police Department
Newark Police Department
North-Central Region
Oakland Police Department
Palo Alto Police Department
Pittsburg Police Department
Redwood City Police Department
Richmond Police Department
Sacramento Police Department
San Francisco Police Department
San Francisco Sheriffs’ Office
San Jose Police Department
San Leandro Police Department
San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office
Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office
Travis County (Texas)
Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office
U.C. Berkeley Police Department
Union City Police Department


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