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Vendor Directory 2016

We appreciate our vendors/sponsors for the support. Without them this would not be possible.

Sponsor Level: Platinum
Phone: 510.537.7233
Provides emergency and safety consulting and training services.
Sponsor Level: Platinum
Phone: 208.354.1730
Website: Simunition
Force on force marking cartridges and weapons conversion systems, protective equipment, training ammunition
Sponsor Level: Platinum
Phone: 310.324.8855
Tactical Apparel
Sponsor Level: Exhibitor
Phone: 909.392.7800
Manufacturer of RCB Expandable Baton
Sponsor Level: Exhibitor
Phone: 909.392.7502
Manufacturer of Training Equipment
Sponsor Level: Exhibitor
Phone: 209.568.6530
Today, we have roughly 14,000. Yet, while our membership has grown over the years, we remain dedicated to matching the integrity, judgment and courtesy displayed by our peace officer members every day, in providing financial services whenever and wherever they need to access the CAHPCU.
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