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Our objective for US2012 was to demonstrate 4G LTE capabilities with our strategic partners establishing a use case experience with Area Commands, EOC Operations, and SWAT Teams around Interoperability Communications and Tactical Situational Awareness to carry out their mission.  

Our participation in Urban Shield allows for a mutual-bidirectional Public – Private 1st Responder Response collaboration and demonstration of leading edge technologies focused on:  situational awareness, public safety video, and interoperable tactical communications.

US2012 affords both Verizon Wireless and Urban Shield participating entities to test, evaluate, and validate emerging Public Safety technology; which is especially critical to Advanced Public Safety Technology Development

VZW Specifics Drill down on technology for US2012.  

1. Provide wireless connectivity and communication to Urban Shield 2012 using Verizon’s 4G LTE network. (Command Staff, HQ and Local Commands, Scenario Sites and Medical Team)

2. Identify and provide equipment / solutions / partners to meet stated US2012 needs necessary to successfully execute US2012.

  • Live video to the EOC (we used Verizon Wireless LTE for all cameras) Video feed equipment provided by Tactical Video, QPCS, ATHENX, NCRIC and AirCover
  • GPS Team Van tracking  XORA provided their portal and customized mapping
  • WiFi connectivity at all Medical Scenarios to support the Sydion device - InMotion provided the routers
  • Verizon Satellite Connectivity on Angel Island - Verizon Enterprise Solutions provided the portable Satellite equipment
  • Tablets and Smartphones - Samsung provided Smartphones and Tablets

3. Validate the Verizon 4G LTE network quality, capacity and reliability during the continuous 48 hour exercise

Verizon looks forward to our continued support of Urban Shield and US2016 will bring a new era of demonstrating Technologies and Capabilities with advanced Public Safety specific devices, communications, and situational awareness.

By David Mack
National Acct. Mgr. - Public Safety
Verizon Wireless

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